Aluminium oxide RAPAL

Leading in application and quality

Oxide ceramics take up a leading position in modern ceramics. It is the aluminium oxide that is number one in terms of application depth and popularity.

Production & properties

Production & properties

Aluminium oxide RAPAL is an oxide ceramic material based on Bayer alumina of the highest quality. Through sintering at high temperatures, a ceramic material with a diamond-like hardness is created.

The moulding procedures for aluminium oxide are dry pressing, ceramic injection moulding (CIM), extrusion and isostatic pressing. High requirements of end dimension precision, smoothness and surface quality are met by processing with diamond tools.

The alumina produced by Rauschert with a purity grade of 99.7% bears the trade name of RAPAL. It is distinguished by excellent properties:

  • Very high degree of hardness and wear resistance
  • High breaking strength
  • Very high heat resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Electrical insulation, even at high temperatures
  • Corrosion resistance in diluted acids and lyes
  • Low-friction surface with reproducible surface properties



An almost endless field of applications has opened up in recent years for aluminium oxide due to its largely positive material properties. Selected examples are:

  • Lever collars and sealing elements in pump and plumbing construction
  • Thread guides in textile machine engineering
  • Wire feeders in the wire and cable industry



We will be pleased to draw up an offer for you! For this purpose, we request a customer specification drawing, with details of quantities and required tolerances.

For very small tolerances the parts have to be grinded.

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