Combined in the best way: Zirconia-toughened alumina ZTA

Oxide-ceramic materials have become indispensable materials in machine engineering due to their outstanding wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and dimensional stability.

Oxide ceramics include aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium oxide and zirconia-toughened alumina ZTA.

As a composite material, RAPAL 200 AZ combines the advantages of the materials aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide. It is used in situations where a very high breaking strength and impact strength are essential.



RAPAL 200 AZ is a composite material made out of aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide. The proportion of 15 weight-% ZrO2 causes a considerable increase in the stability and impact strength compared with pure Al2O3. An extremely high stability is thus achieved for ceramics, with an almost metal-like toughness.

SEM-image ZTA: Zirconia toughened alumina

Aluminium oxide RAPAL 200 AZ
SEM-image (-- 10 μm)



The fine-grained structure has proved to be extremely thread-friendly in many cases – especially for finer threads.

During sintering, an extremely smooth, globular micro-structure is formed, which is ideal, for example, for guiding and redirecting fine threads in textile machinery.

Through its high breaking strength and fracture toughness, RAPAL 200 AZ is also ideal for building components which are subject to impacts and shocks, and for which a very good edge strength is crucial, such as cutting mechanisms.

Good thermal conductivity ensures that any friction heat that arises is quickly removed if there is much grinding.



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