Bavaria 2012 Innovation Award for pellet stove igniter

Rauschert Steinbach GmbH has been awarded a special honour. Dr. Hannes Kuehl, head of development, was awarded the “Bavarian Innovation Award 2012” by Bavarian Economics Minister Martin Zeil.

The award was given for the outstanding development of the ceramic ignition system, which is already established on the market.

The patented hot surface igniters are built into pellet stoves and pellet burners as automatic ignition systems. The wood pellets ignite within 1 minute and require only about 1/10 of the energy of hot air blowers. Due to the extremely short ignition times, soot and fume emissions during the ignition phase are drastically reduced in comparison with other ignition systems. Furthermore, the electric glow igniters are absolutely quiet and have a very long service life. These advantages convinced the high-calibre jury of experts.

The innovation was one of seven developments to be awarded on 19.11.2012 in the Deutsche Museum in Munich. A total of more than 180 companies had competed for the “Bavarian Innovation Award 2012”. The Innovation Award is the highest appraisal of development in Bavaria.

Outstanding customer care

Rauschert will use the Innovation Award as an inducement to pursue further developments for the heating branch, in particular the renewable energy branch. “It is our philosophy to not only offer our customers technically perfected products, but also to advise and look after them well. Every pellet boiler works differently. We offer tailor-made solutions for all boiler types, so that our pellet igniters can make their advantages felt in every boiler. We make use here of our many decades of know-how in the production of ignition systems and of our world market-leading position in the production of ignition electrodes for gas boilers”, says Dr. Hannes Kuehl, head of development.

Bavaria 2012 Innovation Award for pellet stove igniter
Pellet stove igniter granted with innovation award
Ignition systems for wood-pellets

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