Rauschert installs pilot filtration unit at University of Conneticut

Rauschert installs a pilot filtration unit at the University of Conneticut’s Fraunhofer Center for Energy Innovation(CEI) and funds a scholarship for two students annually.

“We’re very appreciative of Rauschert’s generosity,” said Professor Prabhakar Singh, Director of the Center. In addition to the installation of a pilot filtration unit at CEI’s laboratories, the scholarships enable two graduate or undergraduate students to conduct research and gain hands-on experience in the field of ceramic filtration. Scholarships will be given to students selected on the basis of their academic performance and interest in the technology.

Rauschert has developed ceramic filtration membranes that can be used in the production of food and pharmaceutical products, as well as in waste water recovery. It started working with CEI earlier this year to promote its filtration products and to further develop the technology.

The scholarships will enable two graduate students to conduct research in the field of ceramic filtration, to further knowledge and potential applications in clean energy,” said Dr. Richard Metzler, Managing Director of Rauschert. “The students’ work will help support Rauschert to develop key applications for the North America market.”

The installation of the pilot filtration unit in Conneticut enables interested parties to test the highly innovative technique in the United States.

Nanofiltration Modules
Filtration module from Rauschert



Filtration membranes from Rauschert enable micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of liquids.

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