Rauschert supplies High-temperature-heaters for future Mars-Robot ExoMars-Rover

Last year Rauschert was awarded the development and production of specific high-temperature heaters for the so-called ExoMars-Rover.

Rauschert´s high-temperature heaters were highly convincing to the staff of the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research. Due to its excellent performance data Rauschert´s heating technique is qualified perfectly for the application of the new Mars robot “ExoMars-Rover” which will be sent to Mars during the next mission in 2018. Applied inside the robot are several specifically developed high-temperature heaters that will heat up rock samples up to 900°C. The resulting gases will be fed into particular analytical devices and examined for their organic components. Target is to get to the bottom of the question about earlier life on Mars.

Rauschert´s heating elements are convincing, particularly for the following advantages:

  • The heating elements can be built extremely small and lightweight which helps them consume very little energy during heating up to highest temperatures (> 1000°C). It is important to know that on mars there are only small amounts of energy available. Most of the energy is generated by means of the solar cells on board which is the reason why the enormous energy efficiency was crucial in the selection of the heaters.
  • At the same time the heaters can be heated up in very short time (below 1 minute) with heating rates of over 1000 K/min. This enables an extremely fast sample evaporation.
  • The heaters are resistant to nearly all atmospheres and are therefore optimally suitable for the atmosphere on mars as well as the low pressures.

Ceramic high-temperature heaters
Ceramic high-temperature heaters

Hochtemperaturheizelemente von Rauschert im Exomars-Rover

Mission to Mars 2018
Mission to Mars 2018

Ceramic heating elements by Rauschert
Ceramic heating elements by Rauschert


The entire Rauschert-team is very proud to be awarded the interesting project. After a project term of 3 months the serial parts could already be supplied to the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research. We wish a lot of success in their mission to Mars!

The project illustrates the possibilities of the innovative high-temperature heaters on ceramic base made by Rauschert. Besides winning the Bavarian Innovation Award 2012 for this product, this project is an additional honor.

Learn more about the high temperature heaters of Rauschert: High-temperature heaters

Publication of the above by courtesy of MPI Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen.

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Last year Rauschert was awarded the development and production of specific high-temperature heaters for the so-called ExoMars-Rover.