Metal substitute with Grivory®

Due to the outstanding processing competence of high-performance plastics, the Plastics department of Rauschert Steinbach GmbH has recently won a number of interesting orders.

Hybrid component consisting of several high-performance plastics by RauschertMetal substitution and lightweight construction are the keywords that become feasible with the use of the HT plastic “Grivory® HT”.

This high-tech plastic on a polyamide basis is characterised by a very high heat resistance, while at the same time having outstanding mechanical properties. It is therefore ideally suited to metal substitution, including to injection moulding parts, and this leads to an enormous reduction in costs and in weight-saving.

In the field of plastics, Rauschert Steinbach GmbH also offers other high-performance plastics apart from Grivory®. For example Stat-kon® or Arnite®.

In recent years, Rauschert Steinbach GmbH has made a name for itself, particularly in the field of high-tech plastics. Its customers include leading automotive suppliers.

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