Ceramic medical components

Highest ceramic quality for you and your clients’ health

Rauschert offers a full range of materials of high-purity advanced ceramic materials – both – on the basis of oxide ceramics as well as of non-oxide ceramics for applications within the technology of medical devices. Related to our widespread know-how and long-term experiences in joining technologies of ceramics with plastics, metals and other materials we can offer multifunctional solutions.

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Ceramic medical components

Ceramic medical components made by Rauschert


      • components for endoscopy instruments
      • components for pumps and valves
      • porous ceramics used as filters
      • components for analytical devices
      • electrical and thermal insulation components
      • diaphragms in analytics


Additionally we offer

      • production of prototypes and small serial batches without tool costs
      • in-house tool shop
      • serial production manufactured from customer-specific tools
      • joining technologies for ceramics joint with other materials (plastics, metals, etc.)
      • assembling of materials



      • Alumina RAPAL (Al2O3 99,7 %)
      • Alumina RAPOX (Al2O3 95 %)
      • Zirconia and ZTA
      • Silicon nitride
      • Porous ceramics



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