2-component plastic parts

Perfect in design and function

2-component plastic parts meet high requirements of optical and mechanical specifications.
Material combinations are produced in the 2-component injection moulding procedure up to a parts weight of approx. 300 g.

Low parts prices are balanced out here by relatively high levels of tool investment.
For this reason, this manufacturing procedure is especially worthwhile where large quantities are required.

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2-component plastic parts from Rauschert

Example 1

  • Rotary switches with markings for appliances.
    Material: ABS/colored ABS
  • Button tappet (replacing coil springs).
    Material: PP/TPE
2-component plastic parts from Rauschert

Example 2
Push buttons for operating panels for appliances with colored symbols.
Material: ABS/colored ABS

Two-component-plastic parts from Rauschert

Example 3
Front panel for camera housings with a circular sealing element for surveillance video cameras.
Material: PBT/TPE



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