Technical Ceramics

With the experience of more than a hundred years

Technical Ceramics are also known as Advanced Ceramics or Engineered Ceramics as well as Traditional Ceramics. These terms cover many specialized ceramic materials that stand out due to high resistance to corrosion, erosion and wear, electrical and thermal insulation at high temperatures and high heat resistance.

Advanced Ceramics can be broken down into three categories:

  • Oxides like alumina, zirconia etc.
  • Non-oxides like carbides, nitrides, borides etc.
  • Composites; particulate reinforced, fiber reinforced, combination of oxides & non oxides

Advanced Ceramics are able to withstand harsh environments and are used in numerous applications requiring high corrosion and wear resistance, high erosion resistance, high temperature capability and low electrical conductivity. Many industries including chemical, industrial (wear), medical, electronic, electrical engineering, electric heating and sanitary rely on Advanced Ceramics to solve their difficult problems.

Technical Ceramics

Traditional Ceramics are made from silicates like steatite, cordierite or porcelain. Depending on the material they offer outstanding thermal shock resistance, high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength at reasonable costs. They are used in applications such as furnace construction, hot air generators, heating element construction, foundry and welding technology.

Rauschert offers a range of both advanced and traditional ceramic materials for a variety of client applications. Our advanced ceramic materials can be manufactured into unfinished machined blanks, finished components, pressed near net shape components and highly complex machined parts.

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