Ceramic injection moulding (CIM)

Highest quality for complex design

With more than 40 years of experience in ceramic injection moulding, Rauschert has many satisfied customers in mechanical engineering, sensor technology, medical technology, electrical engineering and electronics. An inhouse tool shop allows a flexible reaction to design changes and any repairs and thus also protects the design of our customers in the worldwide competition.

Over 1,000 produced ceramic injection moulded articles for various applications require a broad range of materials. Thus alumina of 96 % to 99.9 % is processed with different properties of material, designs of structure and colours. Zirconia has a high edge strength and is thermally insulating. Titanium dioxide is a semiconductor. Steatite with its high electrical insulation resistance will be used for electrical applications.

Directly off tool, the ceramic injection moulding provides a 3D-design with large possibilities. By using the Rauschert 5-axis-CNC-machines, the 3D-design before and after the sintering process is extended in a way so that constructional parts can be shown in 3D-precision which cannot be realised with parts off tool.

Micro-CIM-parts with highest accuracy
with highest accuracy

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