Laboratory ceramics

Crucible and laboratory ceramics made from RAPOX® 100

In the field of crucible and laboratory ceramics the material RAPOX® 100 meets highest demands. Due to its purity, its minimal alkali content and its excellent chemical resistance it is ideal for chemical applications and furthermore a reasonably priced alternative to platinum crucibles.




Standard dimensions from our delivery program (example)
The wall thickness can be adjusted individually. We are also flexible concerning custom-made products and applications!

Laborkeramik Standardmae2


Labortiegel 300x300

Laboratory crucible

Laborkeramik Standardmae1


Characteristics, benefits and areas of application

Characteristics, benefits and areas of application


  • excellent corrosion resistance to a vast
    variety of media
  • high temperature resistant,
    melting point at 2050 °C
  • no evaporation losses
  • electrically insulating


  • high cost-saving potential through the
    substitution of platinum
  • no loss of energy using induction heating
  • 99,99% concentration of Al2O3 guarantees
    chemical inertness

Areas of application

  • chemical digestion process
  • annealing
  • melting glass
  • crystal growing

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Contact person

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