Always well insulated

Ceramic materials are highly suitable for electrical insulation. This field covers a wide range of applications, from fuses, household appliances to heating elements. No other material group combines the properties of a high degree of heat resistance and electrical insulation as well as ceramics.



Components for ...

... Fuses

  • NH fuses
  • DIN fuses
  • Fuse tubes
  • Chamber plates

... Resistors

  • Profiled bodies
  • Solid bodies
  • Steel coils
  • Spiral pipes

... Household appliances

  • Thermostat casings
  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • Connecting parts

... Electrical heating (electrical heating technology)

  • Perforated strips
  • Heating element supports



Complete range of materials
Aluminium oxide
Magnesium oxide
In-house construction
In-house toolmaking
Wide range of production procedures
Dry pressing
Wet pressing
Isostatic pressing
Injection moulding
Ceramic coating
Extensive standard programme

In addition we offer you:

Internal company construction office and toolmakingInternal company construction office and toolmaking



We will be pleased to draw up an offer for you! For this purpose, we request a customer specification drawing, with details of quantities and required tolerances.

For new products and developments, we enable you to get an initial impression of our materials: We will send you material samples free of charge.

Using a special rapid manufacturing procedure, we also offer you individual samples as prototypes at a flat-rate machine charge. In this way, you can test the material in use before deciding on series production at our company.

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Contact person

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