Rauschert Ameal: Second production site in Portugal

Rauschert II (Ameal)
In 2024, we open Rauschert II in Ameal, Portugal, a greenfield production site that is designed to the highest standards. At this plant, we manufacture products using oxide ceramic materials, which are mainly processed by isostatic pressing, green machining and, after firing, precision machining and surface finishing. The technical ceramic components fabricated in Ameal are used in a variety of applications, such as aluminum foundries, pumps/valves for fluid handling (oil and gas, chemical or food processing, high pressure cleaning) and various other engineering applications. The company mainly exports to international markets.
There are currently plans to increase the number of employees at the site to around 25.



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Rauschert Portuguesa

Rauschert Portuguesa is located in Trajouce, Portugal, and has been operating since 1973. It was the first Rauschert plant that we established outside of Germany. At this site, technical ceramic components are manufactured for a wide range of applications such as household appliances, electrical fuses and the pump industry. Production covers all ceramic process phases, from the preparation of the ceramic body to shaping by extrusion and uniaxial dry pressing through to firing and finishing.
Around 100 people are currently employed at the Rauschert Portuguesa site.