SmartCIP reduces costs and environmental impact in the food industry

Since August 2020, Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf with its Inopor division and the Rauschert joint venture FTRJ GmbH has been participating in the “SmartCIP” project (CIP = Cleaning-in-Place: process of cleaning production plants without dismantling them) together with other partners from Germany, Ireland and Spain.

Funded by DIVA, a program of the European Union, the project team is presenting “SmartCIP”, as new technology for the dairy, food and beverage industries. It allows sodium hydroxide-based cleaning agents to be reprocessed and reused using intelligent filtration technology.
As a result, companies in the field are able to reduce costs efficiently as well as their own carbon footprint. This becomes possible because both the consumption of CIP solutions (NaOH and water) is reduced and their transport is avoided. In addition, wastewater or the dirt load in wastewater can be reduced. In this way, “SmartCIP” makes it possible to optimise cleaning efficiency and thus improve the operation of the wastewater plant.
Further goals of the project also include the standardisation of the CIP process in terms of plant design.

To demonstrate how “SmartCIP” works in practice, the project team gave an online presentation to representatives of the dairy industry in mid-December. In initial promising test runs, the reprocessing system yielded an extremely clean cleaning agent with high clarity.

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Jim Greenfield, Rauschert UK

Test setup in the “SmartCIP” project, Moorepark Technology (MTL), Cork, Ireland