Ignition system & flame sensors

Innovative solutions for all burner types

So that your heating starts at any time without delay and your home is pleasantly warm even in the coldest winter night. So that your shower is supplied with warm water every morning. That’s why we develop and manufacture electrodes for the ignition and the monitoring of the heating burner, which always work reliably and thus ensure the heat supply in your house.

You can count on our electrodes and connecting cables!

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Ignition system & flame sensors

Innovative solutions for all burner types

In the middle of the 80s, a new chapter began in the success story of Rauschert: The manufacture of ceramic insulators for spark plugs and ignition electrodes. At the same time, we began developing the first complete ignition electrodes for the oil and gas burner market.

Today, our ignition components production includes a fully automated cable assembly plant, modern machinery for the production of electrodes and above all – a highly motivated team of developers and producers..

The combination of “Made in Germany” and the cost advantages of low-cost production locations has transformed us into the leading provider of ignition systems for oil, gas and solid fuel burners.

With experienced partners, we offer the best possibilities for consultation and development. Close cooperation and optimally shared tasks according to where expertise lies guarantee the highest possible quality of work.


Our programm

Ignition electrodes from Rauschert

Ignition electrodes and flame sensors

Ignition components, ignition electrodes, ionisation electrodes and monitoring electrodes from Rauschert

  • We design ignition elements and monitoring electrodes according to your requirements.
  • Standard components can be combined in modular form for the ignition system.
  • Different wire materials for the highest demands.
  • Ignition leads, ionisation leads and cables from our own cable assembly plant.
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  • Alumina RAPOX, steatite and all standard ceramic materials are produced in-house.


Why we stand out…

Fast, flexible and innovative
Talk to us while you are still at the planning stage! Our experience can help you to find suitable solutions and implement them with short delivery times thanks to our flexible production.
Wide range of production options
A very wide range of production procedures enables nearly all ideas to be put into practice, from low-budget to high-tech products.
From single components to large production runs
Our prototype and small-run series provides a flexible, low-cost production of small runs and pre-production prototypes. And the rational series production guarantees reliability and low prices.
Know-how and innovative spirit
Our team has gained a wide range of experience and is continually in search of new methods and solutions. Why not put us to the test?
Competent dialogue partner
Committed employees with much practical experience guarantee practical solutions and target-oriented cooperation.
Short delivery times, excellent service
Location Germany does not represent a disadvantage for us! We are able to react quickly and can always be available on-site. Questions are clarified quickly and without bureaucracy. Very short delivery times are a matter of course for us.
Ignition burners and igniters from Rauschert

Ignition systems for gas burners

Gas-tight, interference-suppressed or especially corrosion-free – what you need, we can implement!
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