Internal toolmaking

Short distances = more time for sustainability

Our plastic parts must meet the highest requirements. This requires a tool that guarantees the highest quality, precision and service life. In order to ensure this, we entrust its production to our in-house toolmaking department. Through a continuous direct exchange between project manager and construction, we ensure a consistently high quality of workmanship of our tools.

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Internal toolmaking

Toolmaking at the highest level

Precision, quality and long lifetimes – our injection moulds set high standards. This can be seen both in development and in production with modern CAD systems.

Facility Oberbettingen Facility Steinbach
CAD-CAM equipment
Vero Visi CAD 2D/3D
Vero Visi CAM 2D/3D
Autodesk Powermill CAM
Simcon Cadmould
Siemens NX & Vero VISI CAD 2D/3D
Siemens NX & Vero VISI CAM 2D/3D/5-axis
Simcon CadMould Rheology-calculation
Machine tools
1 handling system milling & eroding: Erowa Robot Dynamic
2 die-sinking EDM machines
e.g. Ingersoll Gantry 500
2 die-sinking EDM machines
Sodick AGL60, Ingersoll Gantry 800
2 wire-EDM machines
Mitsubushi MV2004R,
Mitsubushi FA 20 VS
7 milling machines (3 CNC)
e.g. Deckel DMU 80 T,
Röders RXP600 5-axis+RC4,
Röders RXP-500 HSC,
Deckel DMU 80 T
9 milling machines (5 CNC controlled)
e.g. Röders RXP800DS 5-axis,
5-axis Alzmetall GS1000,
DMU 50 Vevo …
3 grinding machines
e.g. aba Z&B 1006 E
4 grinding machines
e.g. ELB Smart BD10 with profiling,
Jung (Asyst) A50
3 lathes
e.g. DMG NEF 320 …
5 lathes
e.g. DMG CTX 310 CNC-lathe
1 3D-measuring machine 1 Zeiss 3D-measuring machine


Production for sophisticated requirements

Our 60 modern injection moulding machines
have locking forces of 30 to 450 tons.

This allows us to also manufacture technically very complex items in a large bandwidth. This easily results in 1200 different products in a single year, each with the highest quality standards.

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