Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide is the most commonly used crushable ceramics since it combines excellent thermal conductivity with extremely good electrical resistance – even at high temperatures.

The Rauschert magnesium oxide materials are made from carefully selected raw materials. These are based on natural magnesite deposits or synthetic seawater magnesia. The grain size of the raw material is adjusted to customer-specific requirements in close cooperation with the customer. Rauschert has a broad portfolio of raw material compositions and purities as well as particle sizes. Also, the hardness of the ceramic is delivered adapted to customer requirements. It can also be developed in consultation with the customer.
The typical applications are heating cartridges, coil and tubular heaters, sheath thermocouples and heating cables.

All of these applications have all been serviced for years by Rauschert’s proven materials.

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Magnesium oxide

Your material for eletrical heating technology

Production & properties

Magnesium oxide is extracted from seawater, magnesite deposits and/or brines and subsequently processed through heat treatment and grinding.

MgO belongs to the C820 material group and is used in various purities with MgO contents between 90 and > 99 %.

The typical process for crushable tubes made of magnesium oxide is extrusion.

The tubes and rods can be produced with various dimensions (diameter and length) and holes. After careful drying, the articles are machined if required and subsequently sintered. Varying sintering temperatures give an exact mechanical strength for further processing at the customer’s.

For special articles, MgO can also be processed through dry pressing and injection moulding.

The manufacture, maintenance and repair of tools takes place in the company’s own toolmaking facilities.



Magnesium oxide materials are ideal due to their high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties, especially for applications in thermal engineering and temperature measurement.

They are used in thermocouples as well as in various heating appliances. The MgO here insulates the heating elements from one another and the metal sheath, but at the same time ensures good thermal conductivity to the outside. The choice of MgO types is dependent on the application. We will be pleased to help you in selecting the appropriate material!

Apart from MgO, we also offer crushable ceramics made of steatite C230, aluminium oxide and spinel.

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