Electrical engineering

With Rauschert you are always well insulated. We offer high temperature resistant materials for the electrical insulation.

Ceramic materials are highly suitable for electrical insulation. This field covers a wide range of applications, from fuses, household appliances to heating elements. No other material group combines the properties of a high degree of heat resistance and electrical insulation as well as ceramics.
Electrical ceramics from Rauschert, adapted to your needs!

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Electrical engineering

Well insulated at any time


Our programme comprises components for…

• NH fuses
• DIN fuses
• fuse tubes
• chamber plates

… resistors
• profiled bodies
• solid bodies
• steel coils
• spiral pipes


… household appliances
• thermostat casings
• switches
• sockets
• connecting parts

… electrical heating (electrical heating technology)
• perforated strips
• heating element supports



We offer a great range of materials. For example:

      • Aluminium oxide
      • Magnesium oxide
      • Mullite
      • Steatite
      • Cordierite
      • Porcelain

In addition, our own material development allows us to develop special materials for customer applications.

The combination of several materials in the context of hybrid components or material composites are also part of our services.

The in-house design office and toolmaking also allow us a high degree of flexibility, which benefits our customers.

We offer all common forming processes. Depending on the desired geometry and material properties we can find the right solution for you

      • dry pressing
      • wet pressing
      • isostatic pressing
      • extrusion
      • injection moulding
      • casting
      • ceramic coating

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