Project CUMERI: A contribution to higher energy and resource efficiency in the oil and gas industry
With its expertise in the field of ceramic membrane filtration, our team at Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf is taking part in the EU-funded CUMERI project together with 15 other partners.
CUMERI aims to develop innovative membrane separation systems for the steel, oil and gas industries using various technologies. Focussing development on these sectors allows the recycling of chemicals to be optimised, emissions to be reduced and greater energy efficiency to be achieved.

Our experts are contributing to the success of this project with their extensive know-how in the field of modified porous ceramic membranes. This is the basis for a multi-stage liquid filtration system for recovering base oil and additives from used lubricating oil.
We provide support from the first trials with AA (single-channel) tubular membranes through to industrial scale membranes with multi-channel carriers, depending on the requirements of the project. In addition, we optimise the coating and technology according to the needs of our partners.

Thus, through our participation in CUMERI, we contribute to higher energy and resource efficiency in the oil and gas industry, which is essential for building a more resilient and sustainable future.

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