Research project “HighSens” starts

In the “HighSens” project, novel ultra-thin zirconium oxide foils are used for the development of electromechanical sensors. The low thickness of less than half the thickness of a sheet of paper enables the construction of membrane-based sensors from the ceramic material that is being developed for the first time.

Multi-layer technology is used to build pressure sensors out of these foils. The current common method of manufacturing microstructured ceramic membranes is LTCC technology (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics), which reaches its limits from approx. 400 ° C. For permanently stable measurements in the high-temperature range, as are often necessary in industrial applications, the new technology enables the implementation of new high-temperature sensors. In addition, temperature-critical electrical connections are avoided by wireless reading of the sensor signal.
Below you will find the link to the press release from the Ministry of Finance and HomelandForschungsprojekt “HighSens” startet

Press release on the High Sens project