Hybrid components

Mastering special requirements

The reason for the creation of a hybrid component is obvious: the composite system should ultimately possess properties that the individual materials themselves do not have. Where the trends is towards miniaturization and weight saving, Rauschert can rely on its great strength.

Here we can build on our experience in the production and further development of ceramic parts from more than 100 years. In combination with our 40 years of know-how in the plastic insert technology, we offer you a unique connection. This opens up optimal possibilities for solving technically and economically complex requirements.

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Hybrid components

Mastering special requirements

A composite material is ideal for special demands in the fields of wear, heat and insulation.

Composite components are basically created by respraying individual metal or ceramic parts in automatic or semi-automatic manufacturing processes.

We know all about ceramic composites – with more than 100 years of experience. And we have been using plastic insert technology for more than 40 years. This means twice the know-how and creates large synergy effects. The ideal basis for optimal solutions from both a technical and economic perspective.



Filtersieb für Automatikgetriebe

Example 1: Filter screen for automatic gearbox Material: PBT-GF30/stainless steel mesh (1.4301)

Stromschiene für Hybridantrieb

Example 2: Busbar for hybrid drive
Material: PPS-GF40/copper/stainless steel bushing (1.4301)

Anschlussflansch für Automatikgetriebe

Example 3: Connection flange for automatic gearbox
Material: PPA-GF50/metal bushing

Housing for electronic control board

Example 4: Housing (polycarbonate / ABS with flame protection) for electronic control board with overmolded metal spiral springs for sensor touch control panels

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