Aluminium oxide RAPOX

Outstanding material properties in different purities

Rapox ist eine Aluminiumoxidkeramik, die sich durch herausragende Werkstoffeigenschaften, wie z.B. Rapox is an aluminium oxide ceramic characterized by excellent material properties, such as high electric insulation at high temperatures.

The group of materials includes our brands RAPOX 80, RAPOX 95 and RAPOX 100, according to their contained percentage of aluminum oxide. Their structure gives them excellent insulating properties and dimensional stability, even in exceptional conditions.

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Aluminium oxide RAPOX

Our long runner

RAPOX 80 is aluminium oxide of the group C780. Due to the increased glass phase ratio, this material sinters dense at low temperatures and can therefore be produced relatively cheaply. It can be used at up to approx. 1400 °C.

Under the brand name of RAPOX 95, we offer aluminium oxide ceramics of the C795 group. They are distinguished by an excellent electrical insulation strength and are therefore optimised for use as high voltage insulators. With these outstanding properties, RAPOX 95 has advanced to become a leading material for high voltage applications such as gas ignition.
In addition, this ceramic material displays a high level of heat resistance with a simultaneous high mechanical strength, which is why it is suitable for high temperature applications of up to 1700 °C.

Furthermore, the material is conform to the requirements according to the KTW-guidance of the German Federal Environmental Agency (Drinking Water Ordinance). The certification report can be required on demand.

Under the name RAPOX 100, we offer an aluminium oxide material of the highest quality. Here, we process an Al2O3 material with a purity of 99.995 %. The resulting products thus stand out with the highest possible degree of purity, a minimum alkali content and the best electrical insulation properties. It is ideal among other things for chemical reaction vessels and crucibles, as well as electronic components. Therefore, we use RAPOX 100 for our laboratory ceramics. Customised applications can also be implemented.


Production & properties

Sensor bodies and thermocouple tubes

High-voltage insulators and insulators made of aluminum oxide

Laboratory crucibles made of high-purity alumina

Some typical moulding procedures are isostatic pressing, dry pressing, extrusion and injection moulding. Almost every geometric shape is possible. To prevent the formation of dirt adhesion during use, these can also be glazed.

As a specialist, we also offer you large components such as large ceramic tubes, e.g. with threads, grooves or notches, which we can produce using specially developed manufacturing procedures and processing techniques.



Aluminium oxide materials of the groups C780 (RAPOX 80) and C795 (RAPOX 95) are suitable above all as insulation materials in the high-voltage field. RAPOX 95 in particular was optimised in this respect and is a standard for high-voltage insulators recognised worldwide, for example in ignition technology (ignition electrodes/igniters).

Along with this, RAPOX 80 (C780) is especially suitable as a construction material at high ambient temperatures, due to its good stability values.

RAPOX 100 is ideal, because of its outstanding chemical purity (> 99.9 % Al2O3 content), as a material in chemical technology (laboratory crucibles, ceramic crucibles), where any material impurity whatsoever is not desired, and in electronics.

Approved products in these material groups are insulators in the high and low voltage sector, fuse bodies, oven pipes, sensor bodies, covers and housings, thermocouple tubes, thermocouple protection tubes (also closed on one side) and also weld bead supports.


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