Porous ceramics

Concerning their property profile porous ceramics can be adapted in a wide range of applications. By selecting the matrix material, adjusting the pore size and overall porosity, the ceramic can be tailored according to the application.

Porous ceramics are increasingly used in environmental and process technology in material segregation, material mixing and as a catalyst support.

Compared with filter materials made of metal or plastic, porous ceramics have numerous advantages. They are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, especially against acids, and have an excellent abrasion resistance.

With such a feature profile, new applications are continually being found for porous ceramics.

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Porous ceramics

Porous ceramics with varying distribution of pore sizes are used, depending on usage and requirements.

Its basis is formed by aluminium oxide or cordierite.

Areas of application

      • aeration in aquariums
      • liquid dispensers in plant cultures
      • back spark inhibiters in stationary batteries
      • thermal shock-resistant heat element support in household appliances
      • filtration of fluids
      • heat exchangers
      • flow rectification


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