Infrared radiator panels

Heat made to order.

Our infrared radiator panels deliver tailor-made heat for your heating application.

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Infrared radiator panels

Heat made to order

Modern heating technology makes use of infrared radiation, among other things. The basis of this is provided by our high-grade ceramic plates.

Manufactured from proven Cordierite, they are mechanically and thermally stable, as well as extremely resistant to thermal shock.


      • Individual custom dimensions, cut to size from standard panels: If necessary, we can cut the panels to the size you desire with a tolerance of ± 0,2 mm in length and width. Depending on the size, the edge may be omitted entirely, so that the holes are honed.
        The thickness of the panel is honed on one size with a tolerance of ± 0,4 mm. Perforated plates without a structured surface can be honed in a parallel plane on both sides.
      • Edge processing according to customer specification, such as grooves, profiles, phases and other cuts to solve the problems of installation and sealing.
      • Various materials and colours for different purposes, e.g. white for household goods and brown for industrial ones.



An important field of application for materials of technical ceramics is the generation of heat through gas-driven infrared heaters.

For gas heaters, there should be little convection heat; the wavelength of the beam must lie in the infrared range. Many parallel-running channels in a porous ceramic panel distribute the gas flow as widely as possible.

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