High temperature technology

Bring on the fire, we can handle it

High temperature resistant ceramics from Rauschert provide you with the necessary support for when the heat is on. With its material groups PYROLIT, RAPOX and MgO, Rauschert offers you professional solutions to any of your heat-related problems. Whether consistently high temperature load or sharp temperature changes, we can advise you and are happy to assist

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High temperature technology

Bring on the fire, we can handle it

The term “high temperature technology” basically comprises the three following material groups:

a cordierite ceramics e.g. for heat conductor supports,
multi-hole tubes for air heaters or the foundry technology

a sophisticated alumina ceramics, that made us the leading producer of sensor housings,
high voltage insulators and thermocouple tubes

in terms of crushables e.g. for cartridge heaters or helical heaters



Pyrolit is a cordierite ceramic which is employed wherever the operating temperature does not exceed 1,300 °C and where abrupt changes in temperature, so-called thermal shocks, occur. Differences in temperature of 1,000 °C in just a few seconds or even fractions of a second do not present a problem for this material.

Some fields of application, a.o.

      • Furnace construction (heat conductor supports, pipes, burner nozzles)
      • Hot air generators (multi-hole pipes, honeycombs)
      • Heating element production (helical coil cartridges, cast-iron radiators)
      • Foundry technology such as cast steel (immersion-type sensors, moulded parts for foundries, casting filters)
      • Welding technology (Welding ceramics in the form of welding tubes, welding bars, welding chips)
      • and many others

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Rapox is an aluminium oxide ceramics that can be applied at temperatures of up to 1,700 °C. It is characterised by a high degree of stability and a very high degree of heat resistance at the same time.

Some fields of application a.o.

      • all fields of application for Pyrolit that exceed 1,300 °C
      • Sensor caps
      • High voltage insulators
      • Thermocouple tubes, thermocouple protection tubes (also closed on one side)
      • Weld bead supports
      • Crucibles and laboratory crucibles

more information on RAPOX


MgO (Magnesium oxide)

Magnesium oxide materials are ideal due to their high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties, especially for applications in thermal engineering and temperature measurement.

They are used in thermocouples as well as in various heating appliances. The porous MgO here insulates the heating elements from one another and the metal sheath, but at the same time ensures good thermal conductivity to the outside. The choice of MgO types is dependent on the application.

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