Lighting technology

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Ceramic sockets and bases from Rauschert also put your product in the right light.
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Lighting technology

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Whether large series or custom products are concerned: as the largest European manufacturer of ceramics for lighting, we make use of our expertise in all fields. We have experience of cost-effective and flexible solutions for our customers – more than 120 years of it.


Porcelain sockets for

      • Oven lamps
      • Glow lamps (E14, E26/E27, E39/E40)

Steatite bases for

      • Various lamps (R7s, GU/GZ10, G12…)

Steatits sockets for

      • Low-voltage halogen lamps (G4, GX5.3, GU5.3, G6.35)
      • High-voltage halogen lamps (G8.5, R7s, B15d)



      • High quality and adherence to delivery dates, whether it is a custom product or large series production
      • Cost-effective production, high flexibility and specialised production locations in eastern Europe and China
      • Low-cost assembly on an exclusive basis
      • Prototype production
      • Customer-specific problem solutions


Complete range of materials

      • Porcelain
      • Steatite
      • Aluminium oxide
      • Zirconium oxide
      • Silicon carbide


Wide range of moulding procedures

      • Wet pressing
      • Dry pressing
      • Isostatic pressing
      • Extrusion
      • Injection moulding


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