Textile engineering

Ceramic components for the textile industry
The right solution for every fiber type …

Yarn guides made by Rauschert are highly appreciated worldwide as precision components. In the textile industry, it is also essential that standardised and customer-specific solutions always go hand in hand with new ideas and developments. This has been proven beyond doubt.

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Textile engineering

Innovative solutions for material, shape and surface

Rauschert is one of the world market leaders in the field of ceramic textile components. Our decades of gathered know-how allow us to provide our customers with highest quality and precision. As main features of pour components faultless surfaces, high wear resistance and the resulting longer life cycles can be named in particular. Below you can find an overview of our product portfolio, raw materials in use and technical possibilities.


Our portfolio

Friction discs made from Rapaltex®

Friction discs

A new generation of ceramic friction discs made by Rauschert offers significant performance enhancements over existing ceramic disc technology and PU discs. Extensive development and testing of materials and special surface engineered features provide for a class leading performance, by optimizing grip and virtually eliminating snow, so giving important cost and quality advantages to DTY producers.
Further steps of development were finally from 6 to 9mm. For a better performance level and lower tension level of type 6/7 friction units Rauschert developed a 9mm ceramic disc spindle set including spacers and redesigned entrance and exit discs.

Applicator guides

Applicator guides from Rauschert

A new range of applicator guides manufactured from Rapal 300 especially designed for microfilaments is now available.


Components for textile engineering

Rauschert offers a wide range of different components for processes like texturizing or spinning. Take-up winder guides are available for many high speed winders.

Friction stoppers

Friction stoppers

Rauschert has developped a new range of twist stoppers to be used in all types of texturizing machines. The Rauschert Twist Stopper is ideal for processing any yarn type or deniers, especially suitable for microfilaments. It is designed with high precision ball bearings for low torque running, easy start-up and extended lifetime and it offers low variation in end-to-end RPM.

Godet Rolls

Godet rolls

Rauschert has developped a new range of standard godets for a wide range of applications like FDY, BCF or ATY and especially HTY applications.
Rauschert godets are all made in house by using our own surface coating technology.

inopor filtration systems

inopor filtration systems

The discharge of scouring water and wastewater causes significant increase in COD of processed wastewater. Maintenance or disposal of cleaning liquors and washing water (e.g. removal of textile sizing) are causing more and more problems.
Inopor, the Rauschert brand for ceramic filtration is offering ceramic membranes filter systems for oil/water separation (www.inopor.com).


Surface characteristics


Rapal 300

• high wear resistance

• Ra-values < 0.2µm

• more or less no pinholes


Rapal 200 PN

• high wear resistance

• Ra-Werte of up to 0.2 µm

• perfect material for spinning and texturing applications



Extensive standard programme

Material combinations

      • metal/ceramic
      • ceramic/plastic

Production according to customers’ drawing

      • (Rapid Prototyping)

In house material development

Materials available

      • alumina
      • titania
      • zirconia
      • glaced porcelain

Various production processes

      • pressing
      • injection moulding
      • extrusion
      • isostatic pressing
      • casting
      • ceramic coating

Optimised surfaces

      • mat smooth
      • polished
      • high polished
      • treated (PN)


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