Igniton cables & connection leads

Extensive solutions for all needs

As one of the largest suppliers of ignition and monitoring electrodes, we can provide all the connection leads, plugs and insulation material that is required for the electrode contacts and for general connection solutions.

Our cable assembly plant produces large series on fully-automated modern machines, and uses hand tools or semi-automatic machines for special solutions and prototypes.

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Igniton cables & connection leads


Connection leads and connection cables from Rauschert

Connection leads from Rauschert

Ignition cables from Rauschert


Range of insulating materials

      • Silicone
      • PTFE
      • Fibre glass braid
      • Multiple layer insulations
      • Special cables as requested


Different leads and connectors

      • Fine-strand copper cables and resistance ignition cables of various values and construction types
      • Cable construction and diameter from standard programme or according to your request
      • High quality, customised spark suppression measures (high suppression with simultaneous low energy loss) can be integrated into cable or electrode
      • All conventional plug contacts available
      • Insulation of terminations possible with standard grommets or with special parts or respraying, according to your wishes


Why we stand out…

Rapid implementation of your ideas and designs by our experts
Construction – Toolmaking – Ceramic manufacture – Assembly – Plastic injection moulding – Moulding technology
Many years experience in the selection and processing of materials and components
Si/PTFE/MFA/PFA/Glass silk – Plug-in connectors, angled or straight – Respraying – Shrink tubing – Plastic insulation – Special materials – Hotmelt
Strong partners on all levels
Efficient suppliers of plug-in connectors, insulation materials and leads – Renowned institutes and universities – Suppliers of control units and ignition spark generators
Development shared with customers
Practically-oriented – Cost-effective – Long-lasting – Reliable
Flexible production and logistics concepts
Standard cables and electrodes – Special, sample and individual solutions – Fully-automated cable assembly and manual production
Short delivery times, excellent service
Location Germany does not represent a disadvantage for us! We are able to react quickly and can always be available on-site. Questions are clarified quickly and without bureaucracy. Very short delivery times are a matter of course for us.
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