Injection moulded parts

Combining complex functions

Injection molded parts can be produced economically for a wide variety of technical requirements by free injection molding. In addition to all standard thermoplastics, Rauschert processes a range of high quality specialty thermoplastics for maximum mechanical, electrical, thermal and environmentally compatible requirements.

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Injection moulded parts

Optimally advised

We have the optimum solutions on hand for your specific requirements. Because we know from experience how you can best meet your objectives – in technical and in economic terms.

Free design, sophisticated procedures, precise tools: This is how injected mould parts for complex functions are created.

Reflektor, Rollengehäuse, Getriebehalterung

top: reflector for light pipes indicating selected functions (washing machine)
bottom left: housing for the pulley of a bicycle transmission
bottom right: transmission holder for a micro-drilling machine


device stand used to set multi-axis measuring positions (laser alignment device)


multifunction valve block for air suspension control

Housing for dialysis machine

Housing (ABS / PBT glass fiber reinforced) for dialysis machine (medical technology)

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