Laboratory ceramics

High-purity crucibles from Rauschert enable high-quality and reproducible melting and measuring processes thanks to their high inertness and durability.

RAPOX® 100 crucibles from Rauschert stand for the best melting results and analyses without risk of contamination. Our customers rely on the high quality of the crucible material and our many years of know-how in the high temperature range, both for chemical digestion and in crystal growth.

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Laboratory ceramics

Crucible and laboratory ceramics made from RAPOX® 100

Innovation and research are necessary to be able to survive as an industrial enterprise on the world market. Research results, however, are only meaningful if they are based on precise measurement results. From our in-house material RAPOX® 100 we have therefore developed high-purity laboratory and measuring crucibles for you, which ensure the right conditions in the laboratory due to their excellent properties.

      • 99.99% Al2O3 content ensures chemical inertness, preventing contamination of your analysis
      • the crucibles offer great cost saving potential, especially as substitution of platinum
      • our crucibles are resistant to high temperatures with a melting point of 2,050 ° C
      • The high purity and minimum alkali content influence the excellent corrosion resistance of most media
      • with inductive heating of the analysis material no energy losses occur


Standard dimensions from our delivery program (example)
The wall thickness can be adjusted individually. We are also flexible concerning custom-made products and applications!


Standard dimensions from delivery program Standard dimensions from delivery program


Laboratory crucibles from Rauschert


In a chemical digestion, organic, poorly soluble substances (such as oxides or sulfates) are converted into soluble compounds using digestion agents. It is important that contamination of the solution by the decomposition vessel is prevented. Therefore, clients count on the high-purity crucible from Rauschert.

The crystal growth is important for many technical applications, since the required crystals are often not available in the necessary amounts in the open nature. In this process crystals are artificially generated by slowly cooling a melt within controlled conditions and thereby crystallizing it. To guarantee the purity of the resulting crystals, an equally pure and inert material is needed as a vessel material. RAPOX® 100 meets these requirements and is therefore a popular material in many chemical applications.

Other noteworthy applications include annealing and glass melting. Again, the focus is on the inertness of the crucibles and the resulting homogeneous product.

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